A CNN Hero – Dr Sada Mire Somali Archaeologist

IF you’re familiar with the title “the Horn of Africa” then it’s very likely you’ve seen images or watched news reports of the famine and war which has beleaguered parts of the region and brought its people to their knees. But the region also has a rich cultural heritage which has in recent months been garnering a lot of attention. For four years, archaeologist Dr Sada Mire has been uncovering archaeological riches in one of the most wartorn regions in the world.

Mire is the only archaeologist working in the north-west region of Somalia, known as Somaliland. Somaliland is an autonomous region of Somalia. She travels with armed guards with AK47s and her digs puts her perilously close to landmines and some of the most deadliest snakes. Mire is just 35, yet she has already discovered more than a dozen archaeological sites.

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