Dr Sada Mire – Somali Heritage & Archaeology: How to Use the Knowledge of the Past in Every Career

Dr. Sada Mire who is an Archaeologist from the faculty of Archaeology in Leiden University held a thought provoking lecture at the University Of Hargeisa entitled  “Somali Heritage & Archaeology How To Use The Knowledge Of The Past In Every Career” where she addressed pressing archaeological issues such as the threat to heritage as a whole through historical landmark destruction, looting historical items, the historical inhabitants of the modern day Somali countries and their origins, the beautifully diverse makeup of the Somali DNA. She also addressed how Archaeology is related to and overlaps many other disciplines such the medicine & health, environment, economy, peace & conflict and many others.

Dr. Sada Mire also addressed the importance of knowing about the threat our heritage is under and to take steps to preserve it, she also talked about the Massive Open Online Course MOOC “Heritage Under Threat” in which Dr. Sada Mire herself is the lecturer.


Dr Sada Mire delivering a lecture with introduction by BBC journalist Abdi Daahir Bidhaan and chaired by Hargeisa Univeristy Communications Director Mohamed Ahmed Sulub, May, 2018


The below information relates to one of Dr Mire’s lectures at Hargeisa University. Acknowledgements and thanks to: Introduction note by Abdi Daahir Bidhaan, BBC journalist; Chair Mr Mohamed Ahmed Sulub, Director of Communications, and Mr Ahmed Yusuf Goolcade, Senior Public Relations Officer and Ms Zuhur Mohamed Samriya, Communications Officer. The event was live-streamed on the University of Hargeisa Facebook page. Please follow link to UoH full article with videos and photos of the lecture.


Photograph: University of Hargeisa