Dr Sada Mire wins the 2019 International Somali Awards’s Outstanding Educational Achievement award in London

In the evening of the 3rd of April, Dr Sada Mire was handed the 2019 International Somali Awards’ Outstanding Educational Achievement Award by H.E. Mr Mohamed Affey, UNHCR Special Envoy for Refugees.

“Dr Sada Mire is a Swedish-Somali archaeologist, art historian and presenter. Dr Mire holds a PhD from UCL’s Institute of Archaeology, London. She is the only active Somali archaeologist, working in Somalia and Somaliland. Her numerous publications include a dozen peer-reviewed articles in leading journals on some of her notable archaeological and theoretical contributions. In 2017, the NewScientist Magazine selected Dr Mire as one of its most Inspiring Women in Science of all time.” ISA

Interview video and Award Photo by ISA

Video of announcement by Sheila Ruiz (Deputy Director of Royal African Society and Mire’s companion at this Awards)

Mire speech-shot by Prof. Laura Hammond/Twitter


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