Heritage Under Threat as a global challenge

This book explores the current problems arising from heritage under threat and in times of conflict and natural crises with case studies from around the world.

This educational research project aims to bring a personal element to the understanding and research and protection of cultural heritage. It starts with the question: what is your heritage? This question might seem simple but when asked directly to an individual it reveals much more about the individual and our societies wherever we are. It also relates to a central issue in the issue of heritage under threat- who defines heritage? What the relationships are between heritage and inequality and poverty in the context of heritage under threat? It investigates impacts of concepts of universal heritage and local or global heritage and identities.  Discuss what is common about World Heritage. Is it tourism? Values? Indigenous problems/representation. This book explores the issue of who owns heritage, from different aspects of ownership, including ethical and political. Relation to law. What are the different aspects of ownership, in relation to the ethical, legal and political? How does communities and ownership differ from state-ownership? Should communities be given ownership of heritage sites? Many people are using heritage for reconciliation of heritage through reassessment or reconstruction. This book explores different approaches to discourses of repatriation, reassessment or reconstruction of cultural heritage, including approaches from UNESCO and the Council of Europe etc. It also discusses the uses of heritage as in peace-making like the case in Somaliland.  Threats to heritage: The book explores why threat is under threat in today’s societies globally and locally. It investigates the different perspective on the destruction of heritage from wide ranging perspectives to provide an up-to-date understanding of the root causes of threats. Are conflicts and environmental disasters enough to explain why heritage is under threat or are their more universal or local movements and changes in heritage perspectives that lead to destruction? The book explores the best practices for protection of heritage and emerging differing approaches globally and locally. There are many agencies, instruments and stipulations for the protection of heritage. How can recognizing diversity in our own pasts help appreciate diversity in other cultures and ways of heritage and ways of life? The research also investigates the role of law in the protection of cultural heritage.  How can we protect heritage from a law perspective? The future implications of the recent case of the ICC’s AL-Mahdy trials and outcome will be analyzed.  The book also explores how can share heritage and how stake holders such as collectors/dealers/looters/tourism business potentially collaborate protect artifacts and sites. How can we create inclusive heritage globally and locally? What is the role of local and global communities in achieving better understanding of the notion of heritage and its importance in present and future human interaction? It is argued that cultural heritage is a critical instrument to recognize cultural diversity. How can we utilize heritage to achieve a more humane world today? The book also explores how heritage assertions can be used to shed light on wider issues relating to economic and political problems.

Sada Mire is assisted by Nicky Bianca von Harras, a volunteer, who herself is Heritage under Threat MOOC learner.”

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