Sada Mire selected for The Hay Festival List of Thinkers

Sada Mire selected for the international Hay Festival list of 30 thinkers and philosophers

The Hay Festival brings readers and writers together to share stories and ideas in sustainable events around the world. The festivals inspire, examine and entertain, inviting participants to imagine the world as it is and as it might be.

Nobel Prize-winners and novelists, scientists and politicians, historians and musicians talk with audiences in a dynamic exchange of ideas. Even US presidential candidate Bernie Sanderswill make an appearance! Hay Festival’s global conversation shares the latest thinking in the arts and sciences with curious audiences live, in print and digitally.

30 astonishing inspiring and young novelists, scientists, philosophers, performers and activists have been selected to join the 30th anniversary of the Hay Festival. These writers and thinkers will help imagine and shape the world in the next 30 years.

Sada Mire Archaeologist at the Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden is one of these 30. In the next ten years The Hay Festival will promote Sada Mire’s  work at their festivals around the world. In these years the Festival is sponsored by The New York Times.

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