Somaliland: archaeology in a breakaway state

[…] Few countries are as prominent on a map as Somalia. It is the Horn of Africa, jutting out into the Indian Ocean from the highlands of Ethiopia, with the Red Sea and Arabia to the north and the Indian Ocean to the east. Somaliland lies on the north-western half of the horn, and covers an area slightly larger than England. The terrain is varied, and there are mountains, forests, fertile plains and desert. Precisely when humans first settled there is uncertain, but there is ample evidence that they have been carving a living out of the region for thousands of years. Some of these early inhabitants have left striking and beautiful traces of their presence…
Elmi Boodheri Bakary, Berbera

ACCESS Mire S. (2010), Somaliland: archaeology in a breakaway state., Current World Archaeology 43: 26-33